We guide leaders in their pursuit of organizational viability.

Our mission is to help leaders change their organizations into dynamic, adaptive systems.

Be Radically Human

People are at the heart of everything we do. We elevate the human experience and empower the individual within organizations.

Seek Wisdom

It’s in our name and DNA. We seek greater understanding about how human systems of organizations evolve.

Embrace Constant Change

We help organizations be purpose-driven, enabling decisions across teams that are aligned and adaptable.

Find the Flow

We create space with balanced, focused energy to find clarity. It is here that exceptional outcomes are realized.

Foster Diversity

Different life experiences enhance creative problem-solving. We welcome diverse teams and individuals to challenge bias together.

Achieve Equity

Relationships built on equanimity, trust, and transparency. As a collective of practitioners, we share equitably in success.

Our company was founded on the belief there are better ways to enable organizational change.

Through our experience leading change, we believe the people inside an organization must do the work for change to be successful.

With this belief, we formed Maonach.
In our advisory model, we recognize the difference between guides and porters.


A guide is an advisor who provides insight, understands the journey and helps teams proceed down the path.


A porter is a consultant who does all the work. When a consultant leaves, any progress made toward change usually stops.

So, who is Maonach?
Meet the people behind it.

Meet Maonach