The Maonach Group.

We’re seasoned organizational leaders,
partnering with other expert practitioners.

Tim Mooney

Co-Founder, Principal Advisor

A system-thinker with a successful track record of helping organizations improve. My passion is understanding human history and connecting those patterns to the organizational challenges we wrestle with today.

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Rachel Murch

Co-Founder, Principal Advisor

Recognized as a thought leader in developing organizational ecosystems that embrace complexity and increase business agility. My passion is creating human-centered organizations that can change the world.

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Kelle Snow


An experienced builder and consultant
focused on creating effective and data-driven instructional practices and models. My passion is operational excellence and improving how organizations develop their people.

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Learning journeys grounded in practice to help leaders embrace new mindsets
Foster data-inspired culture to help  teams work with data confidently
On-demand courses, group programs & live coaching with a Humanistic approach
Somatics-focused leadership development, coaching & consulting
Facilitative leadership programs for 
professionals around the globe
Individual & team coaching for leaders with a focus on psychological safety
US software dev consultancy that builds products and agile teams for you
Leadership & team coaching, career & personal transitions